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2CM Snow White 24" x 24"


2CM Sandstone Grey 24" x 24"


2CM Da Vinci 16" x 32"


2CM Calacatta 24" x 24"


2CM Shellstone 24" x 24"


2CM Beach Beige 24" x 24"


Why choose Hardscape.com's porcelain pavers?

Understand the Benefits


Color Will Not Fade


Resistant to Acids, Chemical products and Salt


Antislip R11 or R12


Long-Lasting and Anti-Frost


Mildew and Moss Resistant


Resistant to Heavy Loads


Resistant to Temperature Changes


Non-Absorbent and Easy to Clean


Easy and Quick to Install

What to consider when choosing your Pool Deck's Porcelain Pavers

There’s a myriad of factors to consider first before commiting to a paver style and color. You’ll likely have your Porcelain Pavers for decades, so it’s important to make sure you make the right choice aesthetically and functionally.

Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

When choosing the color of your home’s new porcelain pavers for your pool deck, you want to choose a color that matches your home’s already established aesthetic and color scheme, otherwise you’ll end up with a pool deck that sticks out like a sore thumb. By matching up your pool deck to the color and style of the rest of your home, you’ll have total cohesiveness from the front of your home all the way to the back.

Keep in mind, though, that your taste and style are one of a kind, so if you’re in love with a certain stone, our design specialists will provide you with a variety of solutions to make it work.

Color Can Change Your Pool Deck’s Size

Your stone’s color can actually cause an optical illusion. Lighter color stones tend to make your pool deck appear to be larger than it actually is, whereas darker stone colors make the pool deck appear cozier than its true size. While your pool deck naturally will cover the same amount of square footage, it’s important to keep your goals in mind for what you plan on doing with the space.

If your pool area is going to be more geared towards having guests over, you’ll want something that appears far more expansive, whereas a darker colored stone will create a more intimate atmosphere for a much smaller group of people.

Where Your Pool’s Positioned Changes Everything

Depending on where your pool is positioned can drastically change our recommendations for which stone to go with. One of the biggest issues with absolutely any material for pool decks is the blistering sun. Darker colored stone will absorb more heat, whereas lighter stone colors will reflect it better. This means that the hotter the day is, the hotter your pool deck will undoubtedly be.

If your pool area is covered or has significant shade coverage, then a darker porcelain color would work. However, if your pool deck is completely exposed to the sun, it might be a good idea to stick with a lighter stone color. As porcelain pavers are stain-resistant, you won’t have to worry about a lighter stone color being ruined by a spilled drink or other substance.

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